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The Revenue Department’s work is to looks after the administration of land and Meghalaya land records in the state. In 2006 Relief and Rehabilitation have been merged with the Revenue Department. Similarly, the Disaster Management of state was also merged with the Revenue Department and was renamed as Revenue and Disaster Management Department vide Notification No. RDG4/2003/55 dated 02.03.2006

Under the 6th Schedule of the Indian Constitution, overall management of land rests in the Autonomous District Councils but powers of the State Government.

Meghalaya Land Records and Surveys

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About the Directorate Meghalaya Land Records and Surveys 

The Directorate of Meghalaya Land and records and Survey is that the head of the Department under the Revenue Department. The Directorate is managed by the Director borne from the I.A.S/M.C.S. Cadre and the functions are as given below:-

Surveys are Conducted for preparation of preliminary records as embodied within the Meghalaya Land Survey and Records Preparation Act 1980, and therefore the Rules framed thereunder, demarcation of District and Sub-division boundaries, also Inter-State boundary and International boundary( e.g Indo-Bangladesh) and preparing/printing of State and District Maps, etc., The Principal Secretary to the govt. . of Meghalaya, Revenue & Disaster Management Department who is additionally designated because the Special Director of Land Records and Surveys is directly in charge for maintenance of the Inter-State and Inter-National Boundary.

The Directorate also carries out the digitization of maps/compilation of works of the finished land acquisition cases for updating of Land Revenue Records and Computerization of an equivalent. The Directorate controls the subsequent District offices & they are:-

  1. Survey Wing  which is attached with  the Director of Land Records & Surveys Shillong
  2. Revenue Branch of Six Districts and one Sub-division.
  3. The Meghalaya Survey School, West Garo Hills, in Tura town.

Survey Wing Meghalaya Land Records and Survey

The Survey Wing comprises 4  Sections  as give below

(a) General and Controlling Section
(b) Traverse Section
(c) Drawing Section
(d) Reproduction Section.

The functions of the overall and Controlling Sections are of administrative nature with the remaining three Sections being purely technical in nature.

At present the duties and functions of the Survey Wing are as described below: –

  1. Cadastral Survey:- in this, every field Staff including the Khalasis have been placed at the disposal of the Autonomous District Councils, with effect from 2nd April 1991 to carry out the Survey Operations in the State.
  2. Survey and demarcation of the Inter-State Boundary:- The Survey and demarcation of the Inter-State boundary with Assam is additionally the responsibility of this Wing. Normally, the task is of routine in nature insight with the very fact that there are certain portions of the boundary where there’s a difference of opinion with the Government of Assam, this operation could not make much headway.
  3. Responsibility for maintenance of the Indo-Bangladesh Boundary:- The responsibility for maintenance of the Inter-National Boundary (Indo-Bangladesh-Meghalaya Sector) is that the sole responsibility of this Wing. The restoration of missing/damaged boundary pillars is haunted during every field season commencing normally from the middle of November to the last week of May. During the sector season, reconstruction/ repair of missing/ damaged boundary pillars is completed by each side (Meghalaya and Bangladesh), and therefore the sectors to be haunted by each is decided during the Indo-Bangladesh Boundary Conference. This Wing also involved in the printing of boundary strip maps.
  4. Training for the Meghalaya Civil Services (M.C.S) and Meghalaya Police Service (M.P.S) Officers and also for the District and Land Records Staff:- The Training within the Survey and Settlement for the M.C.S./M.P.S. Officers and therefore the training for the District Land Records Staff for the utilization of a system of weights and measures is additionally imparted by this Wing.
  5. The survey and demarcation of the Sub-Divisional Complex are being administered within the State. Further, Govt. lands have also been surveyed in Shillong and an identical exercise is being administered in Tura.
  6. Metric Cell Scheme: – This Cell is adopted with a view to introducing Metric Units of measurements and conversion of the F.P.S system into a system of weights and measures.

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Revenue Branch

The Revenue Branch of every District and Sub-Division is under the control of the respective Deputy Commissioners and Sub-divisional Officers (Civil) who are the Principal Revenue Officers and Collectors of the respective Districts and Sub-divisions. They are managed by the Revenue Officers drawn from the Meghalaya Civil Service.

Meghalaya Survey School Tura

The Meghalaya Survey School was established in 1974 and its headquarters was in Tura town, West Garo Hills District. The School was found out with a view to imparting six months’ duration in the Recorders Course of coaching. The School is under the observation of the extra Deputy commissioner of town Tura, usually drawn from State government officials who also act because of the Principal, Meghalaya Survey School, Tura. till now  40 Batches have been given training in the Recorders’ Course, since the year of its inception.

The Directorate of Meghalaya Land Records and Surveys Functions

  1. To manage the Survey works for preparation of Bhulekh Meghalaya Land Records and Survey as embodied in the “Meghalaya Land Survey and Records Preparation Act, 1980” and the Rules framed thereunder.
  2. To Undertake the work relating to Districts and Sub-Divisional boundaries, Inter-State Boundary, and International Boundary (Indo-Bangladesh).
  3. Printing of Indo-Bangladesh Strip Maps, State, and District Maps, etc.
  4. Restoration of the missing/ displaced/ damaged boundary pillars jointly with Bangladesh authorities on an annual and sector-wise basis.
  5. Compilation of the completed Land Acquisition cases of the Meghalaya.

The Directorate of Meghalaya Land Records and Surveys

  1. Additional Director of Survey
    1. Joint Director of Survey
    2. Deputy Director of Survey
      1. Assistant Director of Survey
      2. Assistant Director of Survey
  2. Assistant Director of Land Records

you can also understand Meghalaya Land Records and Survey through Organisational Chart as given below

Directorate of Land Records and Surveys (Meghalaya Bhulekh):


Acts and Rules of  Bhulekh Meghalaya land Records

you can find all the acts and rules which are specified for Meghalaya Land Records and Survey through the link given below


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Contact Details (Helpline)-

We hope that in this article, we have provided you complete information on the  Bhulekh Meghalaya Land Records and Survey. For further assistance, you have to consult in the Tehsildar office and for any technical query contact information is given below:

Key Contacts of Meghalaya Land Records and Survey

Details of Rajasthan Housing Board RHB E-Auction

Name and DesignationPhone Numbers
Shri. H. B. Marak, MCS
Director of Land Records & Surveys
0364-2226579 (Office)
0364-2226671 (Fax)
9856025902 (Mobile)
Smti. I. Majaw, MCS
Asstt. Director, Land Records
9612002864 (Mobile)
Shri. Tomlin Sangma,
Addl. Director of Surveys
0364-2226094 (Office)
94363-04282 (Mobile)
Shri. Jimreeve Marwein,
Joint Director of Survey
98564-50272 (Mobile)
Shri. Ailan Shangpliang,
Asstt. Director of Survey
98630-95444 (Mobile)

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